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Covid - 19 Response
Above all, the Executive Board of the Holly Society of America hopes that you and your families are safe and well. This is truly an unparalleled, reflective time in which we are all adjusting and striving together toward the future and a different way of life. Through virtual contact, our Board and dedicated group of volunteers continue the work of our organization, and are taking into consideration additional measures to remain in touch with our members and enthusiasts. With the mild winter most of us experienced this year, getting out into our gardens and nurseries has come early, and given us much to look forward to with the upcoming growing season.  Please continue to visit our website throughout the year for updates and timely information. We welcome your interest!
Sue Hunter, President

In Memorium

Charles F. Hunsberger 
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It is with sadness to learn of the passing of Chuck Hunsberger who resided in Carney/Cub Hill Maryland.  Having known Chuck since I was a little girl, I can attest to the fact that he was a very kind and most generous man.  When I became older and started to pursue my own career in the Nursery Trade, I would take my young sons to Chuck's Holly Orchard on Cub Hill Rd. where he was always happy to teach and talk with them on a level that they could understand.  He was very patient when they played hide and seek among his beautiful Holly trees. Chuck was very supportive and very generous with his 'cutting wood', giving freely to Nursery propagators.  He was very well known in the mid-Atlantic area for his large, grade A specimen Hollies, which were always in demand by wholesale nurseries and landscapers.  Wintertime would find Chuck pruning and hand shaping his beautiful Nursery stock.  Pruning is truly an art form that Chuck excelled at.  I will miss him. 
Sue Hunter 
President, Holly Society of America

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