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The Wolf-Fenton Award is the most prestigious award of the Holly Society. It was first established in 1982 as the C.R. Wolf Award to honor HSA founder Clarence R. Wolf, who not only was instrumental in organizing the Holly Society but also did much to nurture and sustain the fledgling organization through its crucial years. Charter member Daniel Fenton was its first recipient for his meritorious service and contributions to the Society and to holly culture. Upon his death in 1988, the award was renamed for these two great men who meant so much to the Society. The Wolf-Fenton Award is given to an individual, not necessarily a member of the Society and not confined to the United States, for outstanding contributions and dedicated service in the field of holly. As the premier award of the Society and because of the high degree of achievement it recognizes, the Wolf-Fenton Award is not presented every year.

The Wolf-Fenton Award