For The Board


The purpose of this web page is to provide the Holly Society's board of trustees, committee chairpersons, chapter officers, and meeting coordinators with timely information and reference materials that will help them fulfill their responsibilities.


From the Secretary

Annual Meeting Planning Guidelines

Click here for a copy of the annual meeting planning guidelines in PDF format...

Click here for the meeting planners’ worklist/checksheet in PDF format...

Click here for sample letters to the speakers...


Organization Rules
Note that the below are PDF files that can be saved or printed, as desired.

OR01 - Title page

OR02 - Index

OR03 - Introduction

OR04 - Articles of Incorporation

OR05 - Bylaws

OR06 - Rules of Order

OR07 - Policies of the Board

OR08 - Annual Meeting Guide

OR09 - Letters to Speakers

OR10 - Journal Guidelines

OR11 - Arboreta Guidelines