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J There are copies available of all but one past issue of the Holly Society Journal. On the order form indicate the year and season or volume as well as the quantity of the one(s) you want. $ 9.00
014 Holly and Air-Pollution, ed. Dorothy E. Hansell, Bulletin 14, 1976. 12 pages. This publication discusses the performance of Ilex under adverse atmospheric conditions. $ 2.00
015 Barton M. Bauers, Sr., How to Pick a Winner - A guide to Competitive Exhibition of Holly Sprigs, Bulletin 15, 1977. 20 pages. This booklet presents a comprehensive introduction to the proper exhibition and judging of Ilex in horticultural competitions. $ 2.00
016 Theodore R. Dudley and Gene K. Eisenbeiss, The Coin-leaved Japanese Hollies - Ilex crenata 'Nummularia' Granchet & Savatier, Ilex crenata 'Mariesii' Veitch ex Dallimore, and the New Allied Cultivar 'Nakada', Bulletin 16, 1977. 20 pages. This publication details the difference between Ilex crenata 'Nummularia' and Ilex crenata 'Mariesii'. It also introduces and describes the new cultivar 'Nakada'. $ 2.00
017 International Checklist of Cultivated Ilex - Part 1, Ilex opaca, National Arboretum Contribution No. 3, 1973. 84 pages. This publication of the U.S. National Arboretum was compiled by National Arboretum staff and produced in cooperation with the Holly Society of America, Inc. It describes more than 1,000 named cultivars of widely grown, native American holly (Ilex opaca) and is the first installment of a complete survey of the genus. $ 3.00
021 Susyn Andrews, “Hollies of the Canary Islands,” Bulletin 21, 1984. 10 pages. A report of the findings of a field expedition to search for the origins of Ilex aquifolium and the natural hybrids of I. perado and I. canariensis. $ 2.00
023 Charles W. McComb, A Field Guide to Insect Pests of Holly, 1985. 122 pages. This comprehensive field manual is specifically designed and illustrated to help identify 71 insects and mites found on holly in the U.S. Each listing indicates reported range, host plants, and types of injury inflicted. This publication is the only one of its kind currently in print. $ 7.00
025 International Checklist of Cultivated Ilex- Part 2 Ilex crenata Thunberg ex J.A. Murray, National Arboretum Contribution No. 6, 1992. 91 pages. This publication of the U.S. National Arboretum was compiled by the National Arboretum staff and produced in cooperation with the Holly Society of America, Inc. It describes named cultivars of Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) and is the second installment of a complete survey of the genus. $ 3.00
026 Virginia Morell, “Hollies - Versatile Beauty for the Landscape” 1993. This brochure is designed to assist in landscaping with hollies. It contains information on size, shape, fruit, leaf color, etc. as well as recommendations for geographical areas. $ 2.00

“Hollies: A Gardner's Guide” ed. Janet Marinelli, Plants & Gardens, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, 49(2), Summer 1993. 96 pages, 70 color plates. This is an excellent handbook designed for the novice and active gardener alike. It provides information on cultivation, propagation, pests and diseases, and landscaping with holly. A section on hollies for the home garden describes species and interspecific hybrids that are most commonly available along with recommended uses, cultural requirements, and popular cultivars of each. Lists of recommended hollies by region are also included.

$ 8.95
028 Barton M. Bauers, Sr., A Guide to Identification of Cultivated Ilex, 1993. 334 pages. This book is a unique key for the serious hobbyist or professional. It covers 114 species of both well known and unusual hollies from around the world. $46.00
029 Ken Tilt, David Williams, Willard T. Witte, and Mary Kathryn Gaylor, Hollies for the Landscape in the Southeast, 1995. 39 pages, 70 black and white photos. This Extension bulletin is designed to offer the home gardener, holly enthusiast, and nursery and landscape professional a condensed but comprehensive view of hollies suitable for southeast landscapes. It briefly addresses history, distribution, landscape uses, cultural practices, propagation, and pests of hollies. Pictures illustrate various species and interspecific hybrids available in the nursery trade. Appendices list suitable pollinators for a variety of hollies, arboreta containing specimen hollies, and holly sources. $ 5.50
030 Ilex Cultivar Registration List, 1958-1993” Holly Society Journal 13(3). 1995. Compiled by Gene K. Eisenbeiss, Research Horticulturist, of the U.S. National Arboretum. This list represents all the cultivar names registered through 1993 with the Holly Society of America, Inc., the international registration authority for cultivated Ilex. $ 7.00
032 Fred C. Galle, Hollies: The Genus Ilex, 1997, Timber Press, Inc. 585 pages, 214 color and 78 black and white photos, 123 line drawings, 8½ × 11, hardcover. The first definitive work in English, this book is an authoritative reference on hollies. It includes detailed chapters on folklore, nomenclature, botany, cultivation, hybridizing, orcharding, landscaping, pests and diseases, and decorating with holly. Its encyclopedia of species and cultivars lists all known hollies and describes many of the more than 800 species covered, including 780 evergreen and 30 deciduous. Its appendices include lists of holly sources, arboreta and collections, and breeders and introducers. By far the most comprehensive book on hollies ever written, Hollies is interesting to read and an unparalleled reference. $59.95
033 Christopher Bailes, Holliesfor Gardeners, 2006, Timber Press, Inc. 288 pages, 156 color photos, 4 color drawings, 7 × 9, hardcover. This delightful, beautifully illustrated and informative book looks at hollies from a gardener’s perspective. It begins with an overview of the genus Ilex that looks at the adaptability and geographic range as well as the diversity of the species. It continues by looking at the many ways holly can be used in the garden and discusses cultivation, propagation, and pests and diseases. The book’s directory of plants includes old and new species and cultivars with precise and useful descriptions that provide cultivation and hardiness requirements, size, shape, growth rate, and color of foliage and fruit. This book will inspire gardeners to discover how hollies, old and new, can enhance their gardens and landscapes. $30.00

Tips on Choosing, Planting and Caring for Your Holly, 2008. 8 pages, 3 line drawings. This pamphlet, newly revised and especially written for the novice, is devoted to the basics. The information presented is generally applicable.

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