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Landscaping with Hollies
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Landscaping and Design Services
Below is a list of Holly Society of America commercial members that are landscaping or design professionals, or businesses that offer such services. Sources are listed alphabetically by state. Some of those listed below also sell holly, so see our Retail Source List web page as well!

Vineyard Gardens, Inc.
P.O. Box 550
West Tisbury, Massachusetts 02575-0550
Phone: 508-693-8512
Fax: 508-693-8510

Cedar Ridge Nursery, Inc.
2135 Bustard Road
Box 183
Ceders, Pennsylvania 19423-0183
Phone: (610)584-4972
Fax: (610)584-0701

Taylored Lawns & Gardens, Inc.
3758 Dunn Rd
Memphis, Tennessee 38111-6332
Phone: (901) 743-4518
Fax: (901) 743-4518


If you do not see yourself listed here and you have a current Holly Society of America Commercial/Institutional Membership, please contact the webmaster. If you are not an HSA Commercial/Institutional Member and would like to become one, click here for more information.

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