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Holly Society of America Annual Meetings
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October 8 - 11, 2018

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The Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club
2907 Main Street, Brewster, MA

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Holly Sprig Contest and Auctions
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Holly Auction
Your support of the auction both as a donor and participant helps finance the Holly Society Research and Development Program. Please bring holly donations (or other plants of horticultural merit), to the Holly Auction. Please label in advance all plant material with genus, species, cultivar name and USDA hardiness zone.

Silent Auction
Handcrafted items displaying a holly motif, or other items of special interest will be greatly appreciated. Remember to price your donations before they are displayed.

Plant Auction Form
If you are bringing plants for the auction, Please fill in and return this form to:
By mail: Margot Gerding, 1135 Gypsy Lane West, Towson, MD 21286
or via Email:

The sooner Margot receives your information, the more inclusive and descriptive the bidding list will be. Remember to bring in your holly items for the Silent Auction too ! Let’s see if we can top last year’s event, which was better than ever !

Holly Sprig Contest

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this event. Please see page four for more information
on entering the sprig contest.

Amateur and Professional Division Classes:

Class I
Ilex opaca sprigs (subclasses will be established for males, females, yellow berried, etc.).

Class II
Ilex aquifolium sprigs (subclasses will be established for males, females, yellow berried,
variegated, etc.).

Class III
Ilex crenata sprigs (subclasses will be established for males, females, variegated, etc.).

Class IV
Ilex cornuta sprigs (subclasses will be established for males, females, etc.).

Class V
Deciduous hollies species (subclasses will be established for Ilex verticillata,
Ilex decidua, and any other deciduous holly including interspecific hybrids).

Class VI
Miscellaneous species.

Class VII
Interspecific hybrids (named varieties and unnamed selections).

Class VIII
Novice - Open only to persons who have never entered a sprig into competition before.

Class IX
Collection - Five sprigs of different cultivars and/or different species in container supplied by exhibitor. Class open to amateurs and professionals.

Class X
Arrangement, suitably named, depicting a landmark, tradition, or outstanding characteristic of the site of the current Annual Meeting. Entry may not exceed 24 inches high by 20 inches wide by 16 inches deep.

The arrangement must consist of predominantly holly. Accessories are permitted and should be in a container supplied by exhibitor. Class open to amateurs and professionals.

Awards and Prizes:
Awards will be presented at the Holly Banquet, and winners will be listed in the proceedings of the meeting. Awards include the Novice Class Award, Amateur Division Best of Show Award, Arrangement Class Award, the Stewart H. McLean Memorial Award for the Professional Division Best of Show, and the Wilson Mott Memorial Award for the best evergreen sprig in the show.

General Rules:

  1. Sprigs must be from plants grown at least one year by the person entering them and must be properly identified.
  2. Evergreen sprigs must not exceed 18 inches in length. Deciduous sprigs must not exceed 24 inches in length.
  3. All judging will be based on the official point score card of The Holly Society of America (see table below).
  4. The contest committee will supply plastic tubes for exhibitors.
  5. The competition is open to anyone wishing to enter.
  6. All entries must be made during the registration hours specified in the Annual Meeting Program.
  7. Judging will take place as specified in the Program.
  8. Entry fee: No entry fee applies in putting on this competition.
  9. An exhibitor may submit only one entry of each cultivar in a class or subclass.
  10. The number of classes and/or subclasses may be expanded or reduced at the discretion of the official registrar.
  11. The official registrar is the final authority regarding the interpretation and application of the General Rules.

Point Scores








Annual Meeting 2019
October 11 - October 15
Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, Franklin, Tennessee

Annual Meeting 2020
Williamsburg, Virginia



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