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The Holly Society of America, Inc. is an active, non-profit organization with members throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate interest, promote research, and collect and disseminate information about the genus Ilex. The society provides the medium for all people interested in hollies, including both novices and skilled growers, to communicate and exchange information through scientific studies, publications, lectures, meetings, visiting holly collections, and other educational endeavors.

The Society publishes the Holly Society Journal twice a year and the Holly Letter at least three times a year. Both the Journal and newsletter offer information and articles covering a wide range of topics from research reports, to holly care and propagation, to uses in the landscape. The newsletter also includes Society and chapter news, and human interest pieces. The first Journal of each year also contains the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting. Much of the material in the Journal is written and contributed by Holly Society members.

The Holly Society both produces and promotes a number of informative publications on holly that are available for purchase.

The Holly Society holds its Annual Meeting in the fall. Locations are chosen carefully and afford easy access to local arboreta, botanical gardens, nurseries, or private collections of holly. These are visited in field trips which form an integral part of the program. The Annual Meeting program also includes lectures, a holly sprig competition, and a banquet where the Society’s awards are presented.

A lively holly auction and cutting exchange are also held at the Annual Meeting. The auction provides an opportunity for participants to add to their holly collections while contributing to the Holly Society and its Research Fund with their tax deductible purchases.

The cutting exchange offers selections of unusual species and varieties of Ilex from around the world and not readily available elsewhere. All plants for the auction and cutting exchange are donated by Society members.

There are currently regional chapters of the Holly Society throughout parts of the eastern and midwestern United States as well as Korea. Individual chapters of the Holly Society meet to exchange information, plants, and cuttings; for lectures by local experts; and to visit local gardens, arboreta, nurseries, or private collections of holly.

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